PicksureIt RGB-D is an AR-based room decoration app running on Android tablets and using the external depth camera (Capri, Structure Sensor, etc) for 3D sensing.

This app was presented at Google I/O 2013 after hours party, and will be available on Google Play soon.

3D Scanning

NCONNEX 3D modeling software enables easier and more affordable access to convert objects into 3D models. Currently two solutions are in the works. One is Kinect-based, where the Microsoft Kinect is used as a hand-held 3D scanner, as the user walks around the furniture with the Kinect, our software will construct 3D meshes on the fly, making the process for converting furniture SKUs into virtual 3D objects much efficient and low-cost, compared to conventional means.

This product is under development. The prototype has attracted much interest from top retailers and manufacturers through the prestigious Microsoft Accelerator for Kinect Program, powered by TechStars.