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Visualize and Try Furniture in 3D Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality

Escher Home combines real space and virtual furniture using advanced 3D Augmented Reality, allowing customers visualize and try furniture in real environment before they buy.

  • Visualize and design in real time or static background.
  • Accurate 3D geometry measurement based on static photos.
  • Share your photos with friends or designers and let them design for you!

Photorealistic 3D Models

What if you don’t have 3D models of your products? Our depth sensing technology and seasoned 3D artists can help you to create high-quality 3D models with low-cost.

  • Quality 3D modeling service with low cost
  • Photorealistic textures
  • Support multiple colors and materials

More Benefits

For retailers and manufacturers, more useful features are integrated in Escher Home app to help you promote your products.

  • Social network integration, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest …
  • Secure, redundant infrastructure that protects your inventory from unauthorized access and data loss
  • Meaningful analytics to understand what your consumers want better.

One Photo, Different Designs

Simply take a photo of your room, and design in it antytime and anywhere

For Consumers

Download and experience the Escher Home app.


Discover perfect products and interior design ideas.

Visualize in AR

Visualize furniture and do the interior design in real time or photos.


Buy with confidence!


Share the designs and products that you love.

For Manufacturers and Retailers

3D Digitize

Create high-quality 3D models in low cost.

Mobile Apps

Upload models to Escher Home app, or contact us for customized apps.


Showcase your furniture in Augmented Reality with our apps.


Provide meaningful analytics.

The software lets users place virtual items of furniture in their home so that they can get a sense for whether the real-world item would be suited for their space.

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